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Winter workshops pack
When the New year is coming, it can get hard. At work, there are all these questions of business goals, budgeting, restructuring, and past mistakes. And we are surrounded by all those holiday ads with perfect happy people—which, quite frankly, often make it worse.
We've decided to try on a Santa costume and put a special care workshops package under your trees.
This pack is filled with nourishment and attention to help teams leave through the end of the year safely
and mindfully, without feeling lonely
or anxious. We'll be giving out empathy and support not just to "nice" kids, but to all—and for special holiday prices, we might add.
For those who want to

Discover and try out new ways of self-help and team support

Leave all bad karma and tired conflicts in the old year

Spend some time in a safe space where one can talk about feelings, give and receive support, and be real— for real

What's in the package

Warm team building: an expedition into trust
We're creating an environment where participants can meet as people, not functions. No, we're not going to get wasted for that. But we're going to teach you to open up here and now and see each other through fresh eyes.

We're going to form strong social connections, feel support, increase a level of trust to spend less time in conflicts and work effectively as a team. Love, honesty and warmth—because we all are delicate flowers deep inside.

How much:
3 hours, $750
Gently reloaded: emotional burn-out and searching for resources
Burn-out had become one of the most trending mental health problems connected to work. Every other person wants to leave their office job behind and run away, as far as possible.

We've been there, too. And we've gathered effective psychological and therapeutical practices to continue to love your work and, well, not die. To do so, we will evaluate where we give too much or receive not enough, which needs we do not see or satisfy. This workshop is the perfect space to cry, bitch, complain, free some space inside us to restore our energy. And survive this New Year.

How much:
3 hours, $750
Cozy retrospective: team reflection on the outgoing year
What do I leave in 2021 and what do I bright with me to 2022?
Summarizing the work results of the outgoing year, but not for budgets, reports or just to check the boxes. Instead, we'll synchronize, get on the same page and get closure.

Every participant will reflex on their year and how it all went down. What was awesome? What could be different? And we, as facilitators, will gather all personal insights into beautiful group tango.
Look at it like this: we'll all sit together around the tribal fire, burn old conflicts, skeletons, stresses, and misunderstandings. After this session, you really can start a new life from Monday.

How much:
3 hours, $750
I have a dream: making plans for 2022
Raising questions about the incoming year, but not "what will Santa give to me?" but rather "what will I do for myself?". Together, we will want, plan, and dream as a team.

We will set goals for the next working year while paying attention to what feels alive, what drives us and what doesn't. Hearing voices of everyone and building a collective vision of the bright future we're heading to. Possible side effects include a feeling of satisfaction, enthusiasm, and a desperate need to burst into song in rare cases.

How much:
3 hours, $750
How much is the fish?
Any one of these workshops costs $750. But if you book more, you'll get a discount for holiday necessities such as spiced wine, tangerines, or festive socks:

4 workshops = $2700 (10% off)

3 workshops = $2100 (7% off)

2 workshops = $1425 (5% off)

Want to know more?
Contact out account manager Anna:
+38-093-028-77-01 (Telegram)
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