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Sometimes an experienced look from the outside and a couple of the right questions can take us to the next level. We could be looking for a missing piece of the puzzle for weeks or months because we lost perspective and got too preoccupied with doubts and patterns we've outgrown.
We won't teach you how to live your life, but we can help you figure your shit out.
We'll help you to get back your focus, untangle your dilemmas, see the bigger picture and find a non-trivial solution. All our coaching and psychological expertise, years of managing, teaching and consulting are at your disposal.

Our specialists

Ivan Holiakov

Co-founder, Lead facilitator, Jungian psychoanalyst, entrepreneur
I can help you with:
  • In-depth analysis of situations and organisations through leader's personality
  • Resolving conflicts in groups
  • Helping with teamwork and new directions for growth
  • Searching for personal purpose
  • Exploring questions of trust and delegation in teams
  • Looking for new business vectors through personal transformation
200$ per hour

Yaroslava Matveichuk

Co-founder, lead facilitator, group analyst, psychoanalyst, entrepreneur
I can help you with:
  • Coaching chief executives and leaders
  • Systematic view on processes and organizations, group analysis
  • Helping with teamwork and looking for new ways of development
  • Supervising in complicated situations and relations
  • Preparing for negotiations and transforming conflicts
  • Psychological help with stress and emotional burn-out
200$ per hour

Dmytro Audu

Leaders and teams coach, facilitator
I can help you with:
  • Coaching chief executives and leaders
  • Helping to set goals and psychological support on the way to achievements
  • Preparing for negotiations, conflict resolutions, complicated decisions
  • Exploring questions of trust, delegation, creative potential and team development
  • Increasing productivity, finding motivation and unlocking personal potential
  • Developing communication skills: nonviolent communication, coaching
200$ per hour

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