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Transferring from a role of an expert to a leadership position is a complicated quest.
One can suddenly find themselves surrounded by many new questions and challenges.
  • How do I actually manage a team?
  • How should I talk to all these people?
  • Why is Katia sabotaging everything, why is Anton late all the time, why does Bohdan seem angry, but he doesn’t say anything?
  • How can I set personal goals that people won’t reject?
  • And how can I set a team goal so that everyone would want to achieve it?
  • How the hell can I set up the teamwork and bear with all this responsibility?
  • Maybe, I’ll just do everything myself?
If you feel like you’re trying to pass this quest blindfolded, dragging an enormous weight of responsibility on your shoulders, lost in anxiety, join our “Team Leader” course. Together we’ll be forming a leader mindset and values, learning to unlock personal and team potential to reach maximal results.
We’ll use coaching as one of the key methodologies because coaching is about healthy productivity. It’s about reaching goals through understanding your needs and triggers. It’s about the deep, sincere motivation for everyone on the team, including yourself. It’s about sharing responsibility because delegation helps both leaders and teams grow. When a team feels trusted and valued by their leader, they are more engaged in work and achieve the best results.

So, take a seat in our rocket, and let’s fly!

This course is based on:

Google Project Oxygen research on effective management. We’ll be working on 8 essential leadership qualities they discovered:
A good coach
Empowers the team and does not micromanage
Expresses interest in and concern for team members’ success and personal well-being
Productive and results-oriented
A good communicator—listens and shares information
Helps with career development
Has a clear vision and strategy for the team
Has key technical skills that help them advise the team
  • Team leads, project managers, tech leads
  • HR Managers, Learning and Development specialists, People Partners
This course can be useful for:
Which problems we’ll address:

  • Difficult to delegate and share responsibility
  • Employees are not engaged and focused on negativity
  • Constant pressure from an imposter syndrome
  • Fear of making mistakes
  • Not sure about individual motives of the team members
  • Hard to notice achievements
  • Difficulties with building effective relations from a leader’s role
  • Team members are not taking the initiative and declining responsibility
  • Struggling to solve the same problems repeatedly
  • Buried in routine and no time for strategy
  • A lot of talking without reaching any decisions
Together, we will explore how to:

  • Develop others through your personal transformation
  • Unlock the potential of each team member
  • Build a culture of high productivity
  • Align personal goals with team and company goals
  • Set tasks in a way to make people want to work on them
  • Stop micromanaging and start delegating
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes and focus more on achievements
  • Feel self-confidence and grow it in your team
  • Understand your motivation and form your professional purpose
  • Separate your responsibility from other people’s responsibility areas
  • Switch between roles of a mentor, a coach, and a human
  • Give yourself feedback to grow from every meeting
  • Learn to believe in yourself and your team


5 sessions once a week, 6 hours each. Up to 20 people in one group.
You can join an open group or book a course just for your company
30 hours
of group practice
feedbacks from the group and coaches
2 hours
of mentoring / consultations with trainers
4 hours
of group practice between sessions
Recommended reading and video materials
Day 1
Day 1
Culture of high results
At the beginning of our jorney, we’ll talk about what management is and which skills are requred to be a good leader.
We’ll get to know each other and the course program. Then we’ll discuss why the culture of trust is a base for high team performance. Forming personal and group purposes. Practicing deep listening. Diving deep into management discourse. Forming leader’s mindset and values.
Day 2
Day 2
Emotional stability of a leader
This day, we’ll explore a value of emotional intelligence for leadership.
We’ll have a lot of practice and reflection to understand our emotional triggers and find strategies to regulate them.
Then we’ll drop some science: how the brain works, what the difference is between empathy and compassion, how to switch from one state to another.
Day 3
Day 3
Pure coaching
Let’s talk about coaching. What does good coaching look and feel like.
We’re learn the GROW model, a coaching framework for achieving goals. We’re discover how to understand unique strengths and development directions for each team member.
Then we’ll explore how to give motivational feedback, help to notice new possibilities and act effectively to achieve goals.
Day 4
Day 4
Motivation and engagement
Deep dive into motivation: discovering engagement drivers. Talking about building a culture of motivation in your teams.
Finding factors that make people work enthusiastically and effectively, suggest new ideas, charm clients and improve their loyalty to the company.
Day 5
Day 5
Planning. Course completion
At our final session, we’re explore what your team needs the most. We’ll befriend personal interests with team needs to make each team member feel inspired and happy at work.
Then we’ll reflect and analyse what we received from this course. We’ll also set plans for individual development in the future. And then we’ll celebrate our success!
What’s going to be on this course:

  • Team and individual coaching
  • Brainstorming and engaging each participant
  • Deep dive into the topic of management
  • Working with the personal experience of each participant, analyzing and integrating it
  • Exploring your unique leadership qualities, reevaluating and developing a desirable style of team management
  • The atmosphere of trust and attention to each participant
  • Program based on academic research
  • 70% of practice
What's not going to be on this course:

  • Boring lectures with useless theory
  • Manipulative techniques a la “how to force these baboons to work”
  • Didactic atmosphere “I’ve mastered it all, and I’m going to explain it to you now”. We’re going to find answers as a team
  • A possibility to sit quietly with a turned-off camera ????

Our coaches

Dmytro Audu
Performance coach
Performance coach:
  • Certified as coach in Erickson Coaching International
  • 12 years in business management and IT
  • 7 years of team and personal coaching
  • 2 years of teaching coaching to leaders
  • Helped to launch My Room startup by switching roles from office manager to CEO, running b2b branch, and negotiating with businesses
  • Since 2020 prepared 300+ IT specialists for teamwork
  • Wrote a range of training programs on team building, communication, conflict resolution, and coaching, including “Communication 101” for My Room
  • Supports teams participating in Baggage School courses
  • Took confessions during Courage Bazaar
Loves to build trust, create emotionally safe spaces and help people achieve their goals with pleasure.
Lena Vasylenko
Psychologist & Coach
  • Got her master’s degree in psychology at KNAU
  • Studied at Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama from 2016 to 2018
  • Learned cognitive behavioral therapy techniques for consulting and coaching in 2021
  • Studied Existential Coaching
  • 2 years of creating and hosting lections, coaching programs, personal consultations
10+ years in IT, 5 years of management experience in building and developing teams. All her practice is directed towards developing critical thinking, providing caring support, helping to grow up, and exploring unique personal potentials.
How much
Book a course for your company or join an open group
$750 for one participant
How can I sign up?
Connect with our account manager Ania:
+380 (93) 028-77-01
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