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Initial request:
When the company switched to remote, communication between people got lost in the process. Online collaboration and meetings became very formal and cold. There also was a request to support the teams, prevent emotional burn-out and work with anxiety caused by the lockdown.
What we did:

Gave 100+ hours of workshops about emotional burn-out prevention, feedback sessions, conflict resolution, public speaking, team building.


Gave six 15-hour "Human2human management" courses for four teams, including top management.


Created an extensive custom video course about conflicts and trained all HR Managers on how to implement it for teams.


Gave a 12-hour "Healthy team communication" course for the HR team, including coaching.


Gave individual coaching sessions on request.

"During these activities, we became closer and also got the skills we can actually use with our teams to come closer and tune up team dynamics.
I used to think that facilitation was something cosmic, like management 3.0, but it turned out to be an efficient tool that's easy to use — you just need some practice and a bit of self-discipline.
As a founder, I need my company to grow, reach desired goals, solve problems for our clients. To do so, we need to work as one moving mechanism. That was our request: to bring us all together through facilitation. And we did it; now it feels almost like the before-covid times. It's amazing!"

Oleg Lola,
Founder & CEO

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