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We build long-lasting relationships with our clients friends. With such an approach, we are able to support and nurture cultures in teams from formation to adjourning. Below you can find some of our successful case studies, enjoy ;)
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When the company switched to remote, communication between people got lost in the process. Online collaboration and meetings became very formal and cold. There also was a request to support the teams, prevent emotional burn-out and work with anxiety caused by the lockdown.
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Training the trainers: how we delivered a custom program on teamwork tools for leaders and People Partners.
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These guys make difficult things simple – to hear, to understand, and recognize those changes that happen to every team member. Everything is given in a friendly way that reminds rather a nice conversion than training, though there is still something to think about afterward. As a bonus, I have met very interesting people, have gotten a few great insights, and am really motivated to move forward.
Anna Skorobogatova
Ex Head of Design, Wix
When 2020 sent us to remote work, nothing terrible happened: productivity did not drop, new projects started, new people came to teams ... But in the remote mode, we still lost something important - close and warm ties within the company. The atmosphere that has been created over the years has changed. It was no longer possible to simply meet the CEO in the corridor and discuss something, hold a spontaneous "rally" at the coffee point, or play board games with the whole team. My room team found the answer to our question: "How to establish connections in a remote environment?" and their team facilitation course fit perfectly into our internal learning system. In general, if you use one of the rules for giving feedback, you can say: I appreciate - professionalism, ease of communication, and flexibility; I am learning, together with other team leaders and project managers, to work with the team at a new level; I want to continue cooperation and believe that it is mutual!
Kate Strelnikova
HR Group Leader, MobiDev
Building a strong team was one of the key factors of our R&D team success, and working with My Room was one of the best consulting experiences in my career.
I can still see how our guys talk to each other even though some of them are now working in different companies. And it shows me what a great team we`ve built with My Room`s help!

Tania Shcherbakova(Schultz)

ex-L&D Specialist ZEO Alliance, HR Manager Gnosis
Probably everyone knows that it`s better to criticize privately and to give good feedback publically. But our team is not into easy solutions😅 so we`ve decided to build a company where everyone can give honest feedback to each other even if it`s not only positive but also corrective. This has turned out to be more difficult than we`d expected. Even though we understood the pros of such open communication, we just couldn`t overcome inner psychological barriers. We were extremely lucky to find "My Room". These guys are not only professional at psychology, but they also practice radical candor in their team! Thanks to Yaroslava, we created a strategy, considering human psychology, team communication, work relationships, and now, two weeks later, we can already see the result!🚀 "My room" - one love❤️
Lika Lyubchenko
People Director, Neurons Lab
When my team grew up to 12 people, I started looking for sources of knowledge about communication. My company suggested consulting My Room. I attended their lecture and realized that these guys know everything I need to know; they are experts in their field. Next, I took their course "Basic Communication". It was perfect. I already use and recommend coaching, conflict management, and nonviolent communication practices they gave me.
Olga Adamova
QA Lead, Bini Bambini
I'm a teacher. And sometimes, I also need help as a helping professional. Especially when perfectionism is suffocating me, self-criticism strikes again, the need for overachieving is off the charts. A crisis zone is a growth point. And it's so tough to live through it without help. I realized that asking for help is a sign of strength. The important thing is to know who you can ask for it. I got lucky, because I know.
Oksana Veremei

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