My Room
Above all, we are interested in people and how they interact. That's why we've chosen the job where each day we create safe spaces for sincere communication.

In our workshops, lectures, facilitation sessions and creative content, we share a culture that we form inside My Room. We do what we do because these tools and practices make our eyes shine and our hearts beat faster.
Unlock human potential so that everyone would feel life at its fullest

Our mission

Our team

Team of like-minded individuals that love people and how they operate. Facilitators, Psychologists, Therapists and Actors that strive to create meaningful connections in both internal and external environments. We use trust, openness, safety and deep experiential knowledge of human psychology to create and maintain spaces for others to grow.
Ivan Holiakov
Co-founder, Lead facilitator, Jungian psychoanalyst, entrepreneur

Studied in the UK (Master of arts), Netherlands (Growth Marketing), and Australia (Facilitation). Experienced in multicultural and international team facilitation. Member of the international association of facilitators. 10+ years in IT.
Inner traveler, seeker of group wisdom.
Yaroslava Matveichuk
Co-founder, lead facilitator, group analyst, psychoanalyst, entrepreneur

A member of the International Association of facilitation and the International association for group psychotherapy. 6+ years of practice: facilitating complicated group sessions, supporting business through growth and change of direction, helping leaders with deep personal quests.
Leading expeditions into trust and self-love.
Dmytro Audu
Leaders and teams coach, facilitator

12 years of experience working with teams in business. 6 years in team coaching. Experience in HR, communications, conducting interviews. Education: Erickson Coaching International, Yaroslav the Wise University of Law.
Loves to build trust, create emotionally safe spaces and help people achieve their goals with pleasure.
Anna Gubanova
Facilitator, account manager

Rich experience of working with different groups as facilitator, teacher and lecturer. Several years of creating and facilitating teenage educational programs.
2 years of working with groups as a teacher of English.
International experience: Erasmus+ program in the Check Republic. Currently studying Jungian psychoanalysis.
Has 5 brothers, so she knows a great deal about conflict resolution.
Vasylisa Haidenko
Facilitator, Brand Therapist

Economist-cyberneticist by education and a brand therapist by heart. Trainer and super mentor at UNICEF. Certified facilitator and trainer in human-centered design. Expert in social entrepreneurship and inclusion.
Helps companies to find their mission, vision, values and build a culture of honesty, trust, and partnership.
Dmytro Tretiak
Facilitator, film director

Freestyler, musician, and actor. Learned nonviolent communication from Eva Rambala, one of Marshall Rosenberg's students. Public speaking trainer for groups and individuals. Shot his first movie short at the age of 12 and played the lead in a film that won an award at Cannes Film Festival.
Roksana Rzaeva
Facilitator, psychiatrist

Graduated from Kharkiv National Medical University as a clinical psychiatrist. Worked in government institutions as a psychiatrist, in an IT company as an HR Manager. At the same time, she studied gestalt, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, schema therapy, mindfulness, and facilitation. All her roles, work experiences, and studies are glued together with a love for people.
Bohdan Shapkin
2D motion, fast motion, montage specialist, camera operator. Main meme specialist

Masters degree in acting. A musician and a content maker. Assembled his first video on his phone at the age of 13. Involved in music, theater, classical drawing his whole life, which gave him a sense of composition, rhythm, and humor. Doesn't stop when faced with the unknown like a real samurai. Loves beatboxing (and lavash with cheese).
Hanna Hordieieva
Web Designer

Spent three years saving the world, people and animals in volunteer organizations like Red Cross. Then requalified as a web designer to create functional beauty. Dedicated 3 years to sports tourism. Passionate playback actress, viewing playback as a way to tell tales and synchronize with people.
Olha Vasina

6+ years in IT. Master's degree in philology. Experience writing, translating, and editing texts for employer branding, mobile game interfaces, travel offers, culture events, visual novels, water machines, and yoga manuals.

Fascinated by the beauty of people's stories.
Vitaly Bronishevskyi
Technical video director

Videographer, color correction specialist, sound designer, musician. Works with video since 2019. Finished several video production courses. Shot 50+ hours of recorded workshops, educational and music videos. A strong believer in lifelong education and development.
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